White Vase Challenge

Just as we all have staple pieces in our closets, there are items that I would consider to be home decor staples, and the white vase would have to be at the top of my list.  I can't think of a piece that is more versatile and timeless than the classic white vase.  The beauty of it really is in its simplicity.  It allows whatever you choose to style it with to be the star of the show.  I recently teamed up with 15 other amazingly talented designers in an Instagram loop called the "White Vase Challenge."  The only stipulation was that we use a white vase.  How we chose to interpret that was left completely up to our discretion, hence the challenge part of it.  As you will see we all have very different takes on what constitutes a white vase and how it should be styled.  So, without further ado, here are 15 ways to style a white vase.  I know you will love all the creativity on display here!  Enjoy!

Jennifer ~ The Grace House

For my arrangement, I chose a classic white pitcher as my vase.  I filled it with an assortment or flowers, including tulips, lilies, and hyacinths and added in some leaves, and berries.  I pulled in a couple of blue and white China pieces with some white hydrangeas and tied it all it together with layered trays for a classic, yet casual look.  A little tip, when you're arranging florals, I think that choosing a variety of flowers and pulling in things like twigs, leaves, and berries makes your arrangement look a little more "wild" and less formal.

Jennifer ~ Decor Gold

Jennifer @decorgold was one of the first feeds that I started following after I started my Instagram home decor account.  She has such a signature style that is so elegant and classic.  When I see one of her photos pop up in my IG feed, I instantly know who it belongs to.  I can see Jennifer's style reflected in her stunning arrangement.  She chose a white pedestal bowl as her vase and added deer purple tulips and clippings from her yard and trees to create this gorgeous arrangement.  I just love the varying heights and lengths that bring some drama to her work.  Seriously, so beautiful!  Jennifer has an amazing blog and Instagram feed full of more gorgeous home decor inspiration, so be sure to check it out!  

Shalia ~ The Spoiled Home

Sandi and Shalia @thespoiledhome are one AWESOME team, sharing both of their UH-mazing homes on Instagram.  Shalia blew us all away with her creativity on this one!  Her interpretation of a white vase was this magnificent hand statue holding redbud stems, which she picked from a tree on a country roadside. Seriously, how cool is that?!  Way to think outside the box, Shalia! She knocked this one out of the park!  Be sure to check out Sandi and Shalia's Instagram feed for more beautiful and unique home decor inspiration!

Kelley ~ Kelley Nan

I simply adore Kelley and her elegant style!  Everything she does is {mwahhh!} perfection!  She creates the most jaw-dropping arrangements and tablescapes, among other things!  Kelley chose a simple white vase for her arrangement that allows her stunning assortment of purple and fuchsia blooms and fruit to be the star of the show.  Her arrangement looks amazing nestled in this perfect table setting.  Absolutely gorgeous! To see more amazingness like this, visit Kelley on her blog or on Instagram @kelleynan.

Annie ~ Zevy Joy

Annie @zevyjoy has such a sweet, casual, welcoming style.  You just want to sit in her cozy home and sip coffee with her.  I can see her style and personality reflected perfectly in her arrangement.  Annie used a milk glass vase and added a mixture of fresh and faux flowers in shades of pale purple and green to create her beautiful, airy arrangement.  Oh, and isn't that wire basket of eggs just the perfect little touch?  Visit Annie on her blog and on Instagram to see more of her simply lovely home decor ideas!

Erin ~ Erin Sunny Side Up

Erin @erin_sunnysideup is one of my favorites.  I LOVE her home!  Oh, and I have total hair envy.  Just sayin'.  Anyway, back to her home.  It's the perfect mix of Craftsman and Coastal.  So beautiful!  For her white vase, Erin chose to use a flour canister.  Her exact words regarding her choice were, "I've never been into cooking and would rather have it filled with tulips instead of flour any day."  Haha!  I love it, and I completely agree!  Those bright coral tulips bring in the perfect pop of color against Erin's neutral background.  Be sure to check out Erin's blog and Instagram feed for more gorgeous home decor ideas! 

Sandra ~ Old Silver Shed

Sandra @oldsilvershed knocked this one OUT OF THE PARK!  Her interpretation of a white vase was this gorgeous, over-sized seashell from her garden.  Since Sandra lives in Cape Cod, she filled it with fresh pink hydrangeas, which are classic to the Cape, and pink tulips.  Wow, what a statement!  Be sure to visit Sandra's Instagram to see more photos of her gorgeous, I'm talking stunning, Cape Cod home!  You absolutely will not be disappointed! 

Randi ~ Randi Garrett Design

Randi @randigarrettdesign was one of my first follows on Instagram when I started my account, and she's still one of my favorites.  I just love her elegant, French-inspired style.  For her arrangement, Randi used a white vase that was gifted to her by one of her dear friends and filled it with pink roses paired with fresh eucalyptus and finished off with a few sweet little clementines that she tucked in using bamboo skewers.  I just love it!  The clementines are such a thoughtful little detail.  Be sure to check out Randi's blog, as well as her beautiful Instagram feed for more home decor inspiration!

Oscar ~ Oscar Bravo Home

Oscar @oscarbravohome is one of my favorites when it comes to clean, modern design and impeccable styling.  He's a master at it!  His interpretation of the white vase is no exception.  I love how he paired the earthy elements of the moss and the bonsai tree with the sleek white bowls.  The juxtaposition is genius, and I love his creativity!  Be sure to check out his blog and his Instagram feed for more amazing modern home inspiration!

Tamara ~ Citrine Living

Is it possible to have another Instagram favorite?  I think so!  Tamara @citrineliving is another one of my absolute favs!  Her home is absolutely STUNNING!  I love her ability to mix classic elements with more modern pieces to create some serious drama.  For her white vase, Tamara used a soup tureen and filled it with an assortment of "fail-proof" (as she calls them) hydrangeas and roses.  She accented her arrangement with a white bowl of coordinating faux artichokes and pears, and it's perfect!  I think it goes to show that faux can absolutely be as gorgeous as fresh.  Be sure to check out Tamara's blog and Instagram feed for more beautiful home decor ideas like this!

Deborah ~ Blount Designs

Deborah @blountdesigns has an AMAZING talent for floral arranging, and her tablescapes are out of this world!  I love Deborah's over-the-top, dramatic (in the best way) design style, which is reflected perfectly in her arrangement.  Deborah chose a simple white vase and filled it with lavender and blue hydrangeas, deep violet tulips, wisteria and a some faux stems to add some fullness, and the result is WOW!  So dreamy and ethereal!  Check out Deborah's Instagram feed for more of this kind of amazingness!

Shauna ~ The House of Silver Lining

Shauna @thehouseofsilverlining used a white pedestal bowl for her white vase and created this masterpiece out of PRODUCE!  I never in a million years would have thought to use colorful veggies from the produce section in the grocery store to create an arrangement!  She used parsley, radishes, cabbage, and flowers to create this stunner.  Seriously, this is AMAZING!  Aside from creating spectacular arrangements like this, Shauna has an absolutely gorgeous home that you will definitely want to check out on her blog and her Instagram feed!  You'll fall in love!

Loi Thai ~ Tone on Tone Antiques

Loi @loithai is a brilliant interior designer.  His talent and eye for design are impeccable.  This was even recognized by Martha Stewart Living, which ran a feature on his gorgeous home. How cool is that?  We all just loved Loi's entry for the White Vase Challenge.  He used a classic white pitcher for his vase and filled it with forsythia, which he balanced with a white pedestal of lemons. It's simple and classic but absolutely striking!  I love those happy pops of yellow against the white backdrop.  Perfect!  Be sure to visit Loi on his blog, as well as on Instagram for more beautiful interior design inspiration!

Janice ~ Fig and Twigs

Janice @figandtwigs is the absolute queen of floral design!  This stunning display had us all completely SWOONING!  Janice used a white concrete garden vase for her arrangement, if that gives you any perspective on the scale of this masterpiece.  I just love all of the colors, textures, and dimension that Janice was able bring into her arrangement.  It really is a work of art! I'm almost at a loss for words.  It's just so magnificent, and I love how the blooms just pop again her black and white dining table.  To die for!  For more spectacular floral inspiration visit Janice's Instagram feed!  It's amazing!    

Bree ~ Z Design at Home

Bree @zdesignathome has an Instagram feed that I absolutely swoon over!  Her clean, transitional style and talent for styling are impeccable!  Bree's styling ability shines brightly in her entry for the White Vase Challenge.  She chose a beautiful white vase with little cut out details and filled it with fresh forsythia that seriously steals the show!  I love how she added balance with the lemons and little sprigs of green and pulled in that springy little pop of teal with her pedestal.  This spring brunch setting is perfection!  Visit Bree on her new blog and on Instagram for more gorgeous design inspiration!