My House Favorites

This past week on my Instagram account I co-hosted the first week of a new design series with some other amazingly talented ladies called #MyHouseFavorites.  This series actually gave me an idea for a blog post.  There are several items in my home, which just happen to be a few of my favorites, that I get a TON of questions about when I post photos of them on Instagram.  I thought I would take the most asked about items and give you low down on them so you can easily find them for yourself!

Coffee Table

The item that I probably get asked about the most is my coffee table.  I had been searching for a coffee table for a LONG time when I saw this one on a Season 2 episode of Fixer Upper, and it was THE ONE.  I managed to find out where it came from by simply inquiring about it on the Fixer Upper section of the Magnolia website and was quickly answered by one of their employees.  How awesome is that?  It just so happened that my favorite home interiors store in Tomball, TX, Laurie's Home Furnishings, supplied many of the furnishings for that particular episode.  I took a photo of the table to sweet Aunt Laurie, who owns Laurie's Home Furnishings, and luckily she had it in stock, and I purchased it that same day!  SCORE!  For those of you who don't live anywhere near Tomball, TX.  The manufacturer of the table is Theodore Alexander. The style is the Rustic Parquetry Cocktail Table in the Weathered finish, and the item number is CB51003.5AAA.  You can find a retailer in your area by clicking on the "Find a Dealer" section on their website.


The next item in my home that I get a lot of questions about is my living room sofas.  I'm a huge fan of classically styled furniture so choosing Chesterfield styled sofas was kind of a huge no-brainer for me.  Tufting is seriously one of my great loves, y'all.  The sofas are the London Club style from Bernhardt.  The item number is B2277.  I have the 92-1/2" sofas in my home. Watch out, because the original London Club sofa in their catalog is a 116-1/2" beast!  Make sure you're getting the size you want.  The fabric on my sofas is number 1059-012 Z, which is a rayon/linen blend.  The leg finish is the standard Molasses finish, and I chose the #6 Antique Brass nailheads.  I purchased my sofas at Laurie's Home Furnishings, but to find a retailer in your area you can look at the "Where to buy" section under "Design Resources" heading on Bernhardt's website.


Another item in my home that I get a lot of questions about is my living room rug. My rug is another item that took me ages and probably nearly a hundred rug samples to decide on, but I'm super happy with my decision!  I love this rug!  It is the Moroccan Trellis rug in Latte from Ballard Designs.  Mine is a 9 x 12.  I do have to say that "Latte" as a color description is a little deceiving on this rug because it is much more gray than it is beige or tan like you would expect a latte to be.  My advice is to always get samples first if they are availabe to you.  If not, just order the smallest size rug that you can in the style you're looking at just to check the color and the weave.  You can usually ship it back after you have made your decision.  Just make sure to check the store's return policy first.  Ballard will ship small swatches of their rugs.  You just have to pay for shipping.

Breakfast Table

My breakfast room table is another item in my home that I get a whole bunch of questions about.  I saw this table one day while shopping at Laurie's Home Furnishings (Yes, there it is again.  It's seriously my FAV store, guys!) I was in the market for a new breakfast table, and there were several that I had my eye on. Well, I dithered.  By the time I finally made my decision, Laurie's no longer had any of these tables in stock.  Sooo, I special ordered, and the table was on back order and had to be shipped from England.  In the end I waited six months for this table.  *Insert pouty face.*  Unfortunately, back orders do happen, friends.  I will say this table was worth the wait though.  I just love it in all of it's reclaimed goodness.  The manufacturer of the table is GJ Styles.  It is the Pine Dining Table Curved Edge Washed, Item Code LD146-OL.  You can contact GJ Styles through their website to find a dealer.  Oh, and the chairs are Restoration Hardware 18th C. Louis XV Side Chair in Distressed White Oak, if anyone is interested.  I also get a lot of questions about the tiered tray.  It came from Laurie's, but unfortunately I don't have any manufacturer info on it.  Sorry, guys!

Entryway Bench

If you've spent any time looking at my Instagram posts, you know that my entryway is one of my favorite places to decorate and redecorate.  One of the questions I always get is where I found my bench.  The bench actually came from World Market.  I know you're picking yourself up off the the floor right now after the shock that it didn't come from Laurie's.  I digress.  Anyway, back to the bench. It is the Natural Linen Paige Bench SKU# 490231.  It's seriously the perfect little bench, and it is reasonably priced to boot.  Who doesn't love that?!

Lantern Fixtures

The final favorite that I'm going to share are the lantern fixtures above our kitchen island because I get a TON of questions about them.  These beauties came from, you guessed it, Laurie's!  The manufacturer is Zeugma Imports.  They do have a website, but it is pretty closed off unless you're a retailer.  The best thing you can do is find the contact info on their website and either call or email to find a retailer in your area.


That's all for now, friends!  I hope you've found this informative!  If you have questions about any other pieces that you see either here or on my Instagram account, don't hesitate to ask.  I'll do my best to answer.  XOXO!